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Questions on the Role of Religion, the Destiny of Man

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Walter remarked about “‘Religious Teaching’, which encourages separation and exclusivity among people.” Essentially, I agree. In my book, in the chapter titled “What is God?” I touch on the topic (p. 309) specifically in relation to my theory which drives the work.

You make another point that you “feel that all men have an inner desire for spiritual growth or evolution.” My Introduction begins, “From the time man first turned his eyes upward and looked beyond himself to the leaves on the trees or the stars in the sky, he was probably overcome with one powerful sensation, perhaps an ageless instinct: curiosity. To the degree a man is curious, so is he civilized…” It seems obvious that curiosity drives growth, so perhaps we are saying much the same thing.

As to an afterlife, my short post, “God’s Nature, Love and Life After Death (Part 4)“, recaps Genesis 3:19, “For dust you are, and to dust you shall return.” Since my purpose in writing Talking With God is to clarify what the Bible is saying, I’m afraid I can’t go much further than that statement. That is to say, any feelings about a realm to which we go after death is most certainly yours to contemplate, and, as the saying goes, “only time will tell.” Again thank you for your thoughtful and literate comments. They are much appreciated

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