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Why would God do this?

October 22nd, 2010 No comments

Debby asks …

Why would God have demanded that his people obey certain strict rules that seemed rather “hocus pocus” and construct the strangest accoutrements when He is ordinarily so practical? Reading the Old Testament left me with more questions than answers, most relating to the reasons God would have the Israelites perform (what I saw as bizarre) rites so meticulously, usually with the punishment of death if they didn’t.

Wonderful questions.

My book may clarify some of this for you. First of all, the purpose of the book is to delineate what the words in the Five Books actually say. As I explain in the introduction, I was originally faced with an unfinished puzzle. I researched word after word, using many related ancient languages to get at their true meanings. It turns out that they each pertained to the Ark of the Testimony and critical details surrounding it. Eventually, all the pieces of the puzzle came together and resulted in a fascinating finished picture. read more