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God’s Nature, Love and Life After Death (Part 3)

December 14th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

This is the third of four responses to Donald’s question:

In your … opinion what and who is God, his nature, his will, his role in the universe, does he “love” us, is there life with him after death, etc.

Does He “love” us?

This is really a very difficult question to answer. There is nothing in the Four Books that says this. There is plenty in Deuteronomy that exhorts the people to love God, but only one mention of God loving His people (Deut. 7:9), and Deuteronomy was written much later.

I suppose you could say that what God did to protect the people in the wilderness was “tough love,” but certainly not the compassion that goes with our understanding of what the sentiment of love is. Further, if there is anything to the physics of God as described above, it would be hard to combine that with love.


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