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God’s Nature, Love, and Life After Death (Part 1)

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Donald asked:

In your … opinion what and who is God, his nature, his will, his role in the universe, does he “love” us, is there life with him after death, etc?

I’ll answer in four posts beginning with this one.

What and who is God?

In my last chapter, “What Is God,” I call upon the findings of physics relative to the possibility put forth by some physicists that quantum particles can not only communicate their information with each other at a distance, but that they may be conscious.

I ask why the Bible refers to God as elohim, plural, meaning “gods.” I wonder if it is possible that the radioactive substance (kawbode) in the cloud, which settled on the Ark and through which God communicated with man, might consist of photons. I point out in Talking With God that even in ancient Egypt, the Hymn to Aten says, “Thou madest millions of forms of thyself alone.” Does any of this hint at the makeup of what we call God?

That is my conjecture as to “what is God?”

    December 17th, 2010 at 07:26 | #1

    By limiting our study to only the Bible, we are missing a lot of insight from other countries and their traditional teachings.
    I am writing this from India where I was born and brought up for the last 73 years.
    My ancestors were probably Hindus before being converted to Catholicism many generations ago.
    I feel that all men have an inner desire for spiritual growth or evolution. This cuts across all castes, creeds, colors or countries.
    This is very apparent with even a superficial study of history and cultures of the world. I feel it is only Religious Teaching which encourages separation & ‘exclusivity’ among people.
    I have worked with a Shelter for street boys for the past 10 years and I often discuss topic with them,
    I well remember one youngster interrupting me once to say: “Uncle, don’t waste your time. Everyone knows there is only ONE GOD. They just call Him by different names”!


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