What was the real purpose of the Ark of the Testimony?

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The Ark of the Testimony (aka Ark of the Covenant) used by the ancient Hebrew Israelites wasn’t merely an elaborate container for stone tablets. In Talking With God: The Radioactive Ark of the Testimony, Roger D. Isaacs examines words in the Hebrew Bible whose original meanings have been lost to time. His work reveals a controversial explanation of the Ark’s true nature and, in the process, sheds light on a number of age-old biblical questions including …

  • What was the true reason for the second of the Ten Commandments?
  • Why did people die when they touched the Ark?
  • Why were the Israelites required to perform sacrifice?
  • Why doesn’t the word “holy” mean “holy”?
  • What is the soul and where is it located?
  • What is God?

Even more, Isaacs’ book is a resource for further study and discovery for those who are as curious about the true meaning of puzzling bible passages.

“An enormous, imaginative work. I think I would call it a modern midrash.”
The Late Rabbi Jacob Milgrom, Biblical Scholar, U.C. Berkeley Professor Emeritus of Near Eastern Studies

Puzzling Passages

According to the findings in Talking With God: The Radioactive Ark of the Testimony, important passages and laws in the Hebrew Bible are puzzling because of the erroneous misinterpretations of key words.

Talking With God, the result of 40-plus years of research, propounds a theory explaining familiar biblical words that don’t mean what they say.

The book discusses …

  • the Ark as the communications device which Moses and others used to speak with God;
  • various biblical phenomena in terms of the laws of modern physics and chemistry, leading to;
  • the Ark’s radioactivity that constantly threatened the ancient Israelites as they crossed the Wilderness over 3,000 years ago.

Whether or not you take the Bible literally, you will see that what happened to the ancient Israelites was later interpreted incorrectly and, that interpretation is now at the heart of the world’s major religions.

“This work…represents a novel and substantive approach to biblical study and understanding.”
Dr. Byron Sherwin, Distinguished Service Professor, Director of Doctoral Programs, Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies.

Clear Conclusions

Talking With God reaches new conclusions about what really happened when the Lord gave Moses the laws/stones on Mt. Sinai. It does so by clarifying the original meanings of key words used by first hand observers.

Isaacs has examined many of these key words in their ancient Hebrew alongside their counterparts in 19 ancient languages. He discovered that words translated “holy,” “glory,”  “clean,” “unclean,” “sin,”  “atone,” “plague,” and “soul”  have completely different meanings, which, when related to the Ark of the Testimony completely reframe our understanding of it’s nature and purpose. It also points the radical change in meaning and significance that accompanied the shift in terminology from Ark of the Testimony to Ark of the Covenant.

Yes, it all sounds hard to believe, but to quote a prominent rabbi, “Agree with Isaacs or not, you will never be able to accept the Bible in the same way as scholars have done throughout the centuries.”

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