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Is Prayer Futile?

October 21st, 2010 No comments

After reading Talking With God, a relative of mine, Kim recently asked,

“If contact with the Divine requires the laws of purity—”clean,” “unclean”—and Kashrus (observance of Jewish dietary laws), then is it an exercise in futility to pray now that the purity laws are non-observed and Kashrus only by the Orthodox (in reality). Why should we even attempt it according to your theory?”

Extending that question a bit, one might ask, since Jews can no longer follow the body of laws surrounding the use of the Ark of the Testimony as a communications device, i.e., sacrifice, use of items such as blood, incense, oil, special clothing, etc., for protection of the priests, what good is to be derived from prayer today? To that I have two separate answers, one directly from the book. There I say, read more