Understanding the Impact of Old Testament Translation Errors

November 6th, 2010

Today’s Old Testament contains significant errors due to mistranslations of the ancient Hebrew from which it was derived.

These errors raise a number of age-old biblical questions including …

  • What was the true purpose of the Ark of the Testimony?
  • Why did people die when they touched the Ark?
  • What was the real reason for God “visiting the iniquity of the fathers” on the “third and fourth” generation of their sons?
  • Why was the purpose of the Israelites’ sacrifice totally different from that of the countries around them?
  • Why don’t the words “holy” mean “holy,” “sin” mean sin, “glory” mean glory?
  • What is the soul and exactly where is it located?

The answers, hidden by centuries of wrong interpretations, can be found in Talking With God: The Radioactive Ark of the Testimony. Communication Through It. Protection From It., where biblical researcher Roger D. Isaacs explores the distortion of more than 30 important words in the Bible that skew our understanding of what really happened in ancient times.

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Talking With God

Talking With God: The Radioactive Ark of the Testimony
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