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Are Biblical Sacrifices ‘Hocus Pocus’ or Unknown Science?

This question came to me from Debby, and it’s an interesting one. See what you think.


I’m still reading your book but very often while looking up specific passages in my Bible, I get sidetracked.  Case in point:  After consulting Lev. 13 to see the NIV translation compared to your account of radiation burn, I ended up continuing through Lev. 14 to find the treatment for it.  And though I agree that radiation burn symptoms as you describe them are similar to what’s described in the 13th chapter, the cleansing process in the 14th chapter fall back into the “hocus pocus” category for me.  That’s where guilt offerings, wave offerings or sin offerings, come into play – with priests required to dip one finger into oil and then touch an earlobe, or kill one bird and let the other one fly away.  These things seem irrational in my rational world and I don’t see how this procedure would cleanse anyone of anything…

Here’s my answer.


Once again you wonder about a significant question. Are the various sacrifices mentioned in my Chapter 10 pp 228-274, which are part of the cleansing (protection) process simply irrational “hocus pocus?”

My answer would be to suggest more “hocus pocus.”

Believe it or not a tiny white sphere, taken into your stomach:

  • Will stop nausea caused by a mysterious radioactive machine (x-ray for radiation therapy). (Ondansetron).
  • Will protect your body from heart attack (Lipitor).
  • Will bring down your high blood pressure (Furosemide).
  • Will make your blood more normal (Potassium, prevents low levels).
  • Will return your arrhythmic heart to an even rhythm (Amidarone).
  • Will make your head stop hurting (Aspirin).
  • And:

    Will protect you from radioactivity!!  See  this recent article.

A tiny white sphere (pill)? Impossible!

And think of all those clear liquids that get squirted into your arm to protect you from so many terrible diseases. Miracles?

So just because we don’t know the mechanics of how the biblical systems worked doesn’t mean they didn’t (or did). Maybe someday it will all come clear!

Now also, in case you feel that answer is unsatisfactory, take a look at the incense study I did (Chapter 9, pp. 184-201). It shows how what many have understood to be only hocus pocus and “smell goods” was actually chemically designed for protection against radiation burn. I believe other such studies, say into your Leviticus 14 question, may clear up longstanding misunderstandings. And the powerful tool of etymology might again come to our aid in getting to the facts.

Thanks, Debby, for another excellent question!

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